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Following the wind by General-Link Following the wind by General-Link
Uf! I managed to finish this in the same day!...Even so if the Oracle one was started and almost finished yesterday...but anyway, here we have the next one in this picture series!

And what's next? As you can see, the first platform game for the most used Link, with six games to this day and his two appearances in the Super Smash Bros!

That's right, I'm talking about Wind Waker, the first Game-cube game of the franchise!

In the end I decided that I will do the games than even have the same design for the characters (such as this one, Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass. Four Swords have the advantage that Princess Zelda has a different design)

But anyway, on with the picture!

First NOT my fault that Link is carrying his sword and shield on his back with...I don't know! Magnetism?! Seriously, why the hell Nintendo didn't give him a belt or however the hell is called for the sword like Majora's Mask?

I did not draw one myself because the point of this pictures is to make them with the design that they look like in the artworks. With my style of course, but with the things that they have in the official pictures. Well...mostly, as you can see here I give Link the Master Sword and the Mirror Shield. That was because you cannot see Princess Zelda until after you got the sword...the shield was just a complement.

And he is carrying the Wind Waker, name reference of the game, because that way it would be easier to identify.

As for Princess Zelda herself; I originally planned to give her the bow in representation of the final battle, but because of the position of her left arm when I was drawing, the pose of just feeling the wind got in my head, and so here she is!

I am very glad of how they turned out. I don't know if they look like ten-years old, but at least is obvious that they are kids, as they are supposed to be!

The next one would be Four Sword! Until then!

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Link, Zelda - The Legend of Zelda/Nintendo
FoxBluereaver Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Artist
Jeje, dejando de lado esos detallitos que mencionas, este fue un gran juego, hizo que todos nos tragáramos lo que pensábamos inicialmente por el diseño de los personajes :giggle:
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July 16, 2014
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